Alumni Mail Migration F.A.Q.

Alumni Mail goes Google! Are you as excited as we are? We are very happy to provide you with all these services and are working very hard to make this happen. We prepared a short F.A.Q. article to address all, or at least most, of your concerns. Worried about what will happen to your old e-mails? Read on.

Happy Holidays and Updates from Alumni Board

We look back upon a challenging year, for our alma mater, as well as our Alumni Association. With recent changes and developments, we can look forward to the New Year with new confidence and strength.
Your newly elected representatives bring an impressive skill set and creative fresh energy to the existing Alumni Board. We used our first meeting in Berlin to align and push new and existing projects to have as much as possible to show for in 2015.

Alumni Board Election Results 2014-2017

At the last General Assembly (during Homecoming 2014), four board positions and two auditor positions were put to vote following up on the electronic votes placed earlier - Vice President, Assessor PR / Communication, Assessor Event Management, Assessor Special Projects and two Auditors. As in the past, some positions saw great competition and we are thrilled with the engagement of the alumni and the willingness of the candidates to contribute their time and expertise to growing the strength of the Alumni association. The following applicants deserve congratulations for their engagement: Daniel Garcia, Mitul Jain, Elena Isac, Lida-Maria Lottko, Stefan Rustler, Alina Degtiarova, Tory Sigmond, and Cristian Mihut. 

Jacobs Alumni Homecoming 2014

Homecoming 2014, 5 Year Reunion Class of 2009 & 10 Year Reunion Class of 2004

We're Coming Home Again!!

Dear Alumni,

Welcome back on campus!

I am thrilled to not only celebrate our very first double reunion of the Classes of 2004 and 2009 with you, but also the 10-year anniversary of the Alumni Association!

Peter Dabrowski '04
President - Jacobs University Alumni Association

JacobsFeed Episode 1 - Here's a story about Jacobs that will blow your mind!

Jacobs University is in financial peril. The place we called home - is fighting to clean up its books. There’s one bad apple that we (the Alumni) are to blame for.  You guessed it - Tuition Postponement.  

This series of articles, brought to you by the Alumni Consulting Initiative with support from the Alumni Board and in collaboration with the University itself, will give you the low down on all things around tuition postponement. The series starts with a detailed look at the numbers - where is all that money? How much is it?  Well.. be prepared to have your mind expanded!

Board Elections 2014-2017

Dear fellow Alumni,

This September will mark several important milestones for the University as well as the Alumni Community. One important milestone is that four positions in the Alumni Board will become vacant: one Vice President position and three openings for Assessors with specialisations in PR and communication, event management, and special projects. In addition, we are going to appoint two Auditors who are not members of the Board but support the monitoring of any future income (e.g. scholarships).

Over the past year, the Board has worked very hard in establishing a work dynamic that would enable us to be a true partner in the development of the university.  We have instituted regular meetings in cities where our board members live, developed a very lively and productive cooperation with the University administration, and tried to bring some of our own experience from our work environments into the Association.

We are very keen to continue this trend, and that’s why we need you! We are looking to fill these four positions with people who will bring energy, passion and dedication to the job but also not forget how to have fun. This is an amazing opportunity to learn and develop outside of your work while contributing to a greater cause and making a difference for the future.

Follow the links for the full job descriptions and review of the applicants:


Assessor: PR / Communication Assessor: Event Management Assessor: Special Projects Vice President Auditors


The following Accomodation options are available for Homecoming 2014: 

Campus Guesthouse:  If you want to book a room in the guest house, please download the price list and send your reservation to

Colleges: The number of rooms available in the colleges is not available yet. The earliest date will be hopefully mid of August.